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The modern form originates from Victorian England, when they were first bred as a fashionable version of the terriers available in rural Yorkshire. The original terriers were used as hunters and ratters, often following their prey into it's underground lair. A variety of breeds were mixed to achieve the Yorkie. Most of the breeds used were Scottish, having been brought to England by immigrant Scottish weavers. The Scottish breeds were the Paisley Terrier (a.k.a. Clydesdale Terriers) and Waterside Terriers. Other breeds used were the Maltese and the (English) Tan Terrier.

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ISO a young, male, Yorkshire terrier. Adult size around 4lbs. Driveable distance to Ottawa On

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We have a litter of Yorkshire terrier puppies, which are ready to go now to there new families. These little dogs make fantastic family pets […]